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I'm In Art Tech

yup, just being bored in school got my work done again so what else is there to do? Go on the net!!! Hehe! Anyways I got Science after recess THAT SUCKS! Anyways, yesterday I got my hair dyed.. okay not really but it was kinda funny. Jody hit my up side the head with Tiffany's Gel Pen book, and it burst on my head. The oil stuff went over my hair and over the walls. It was funny. But Jody put water on it by putting my head under a sink tap, and it kinda came out then but last night when I got home from Tiffany's and got a shower so now you can't see it.. I think.lol. So anyways, YAY TORONTO WON!
Tonight American Idol comes on, and I hope George goes. Jasmine is the best! John is the best guy!
Diana is cool too!
Anyways... thats all for now.. Peace Out!
Gotta Catch Ya Later(bets and worst eppy of Pocket Monster, aka: Pokemon)

AKA: Desire
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