jump5lover (jump5lover) wrote,

I'm in writing class

Homework, I have so many poems to type up for this, and I hope I get a good mark, after all I do deserve for all the time I've spent on this.
Also, I read about a poetry contest and you can enter at : www.poetry.com you can submitt any kind of poem. I'm thinking about submitting one of my christian based poems... that's if I enters. I know somebody who should submit theirs....
But further more, I think that I am a changed person like totally. Ever sense our awesome C.A weekend I really feel that I have totally grown closer to God and that is so good. I just love him so much, he is the best. He's the one who gave me life and I am going to spend it serving him because he deserves it, actually he deserves better than that but what more can I give? He has my heart and my life and he will always have that because I will always love him and I'll always be a christian because it is the best way to live life. For those of you who don't believe in God, then you are sooooooooooooooooooo wrong. He is real, very real. And he answers prayers and he is just so amazing. I mean come on, I have proof that he have answered prayers for me like when my brother got saved, when Jody and I became friends again I mean Our God Is An Awesome God, and I don't care what anybody says about it because I have decided to follow Jesus! Those who don't know Jesus, than you don't know what your missing out on, it's just so amazing to feel his presence...
You have so much to thank God for I mean he has given you life and he is always there, he hears your ever word, knows how many hairs on your head you got... he is just so good. God is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyways people, my friends, whoever I'm praying for you all because I want everybody to learn what I have learned so well.
I gotta catch yas later because I have some more to do but I'll be back later on byez!!! xoxoxoxo
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