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Desiree's Days

Day By Day, Some Good, Some Bad, Some.. AWESOME!

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I'm a teenage school girl with a dream to a writer.. I love to read and I love to write....
I'm a teenage school girl whos not a fighter.. I hate to yell and fight
I'm a tennage school girl whos on a Christian Quest,
And I love Jesus he is the best!
7th heaven, a walk to remember, a1, accelerate, all grown up, american idol, amy adams, angela via, anime, aol, ash and misty's love, atomic kitten, beauty and the beast, big brother, billie piper, birds, brandon hargest, breaker high, brittany hargest, buffy the vampire slayer, ca's, canadian idol, cardcaptors, carmen rasmusen, cats, celebrity mole, chris fedun, christian, christian music, church, clay aiken, clue, coaker idol(hehe), coke, computers, crispy minis, dc talk, digimon, disney, disneymania, dogs, dolphins, dvds, fear facfriend rice, friends(tv show), gameboy advanced, gary roberts, gens, going for rides, hamtaro, hello kitty, helping people, hilary duff, hit list, jasmine trias, jeff deyo, jenny from the rock, jenny gear, jesus, john stevens, jon lee, jump5, jumping(lol), junk food, kazaa, kim possible, kingdom hearts, lesley moore, libby hodges, live journal(hehe), lizzie mcguire, mad gab, mad tv, mary-kate and ashley olsen, maury, michelle branch, msn, mystery hunters, n64, neopets, no secrets, pat kelly, pikachu, pizza, play, poetry, pokemon, pokemon sapphire, pokemon stadium, pokemon the movie 2000, pop music, prayer meeting, praying, ps2, rachel stevens, radio active, reading, reading my bible, ready or not, reality tv, rugrats, ryan malcom, s club, s club 7, s club 8, s club juniors, sailor moon, scooter girl, shakira, shopping(mainly for clothes), sleeping, snow white, so little time, stacie orrico, student bodies, surivor, switchfoot, tekken, that's so raven, the amazing race, the internet, the lion king, the lizzie mcguire movie, the mole, the phone, the pokemon tower, the zone, tigers, tina barrett, toronto maple leafs, tracey and daisy's love, turtles, two of a kind, vanilla coke, viva s club, wal-mart, walking, weekends, westlife, world idol, worshipping, writing, yc newfoundland, ytv, zoom, zsne