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My life isn't the same lately... I know it's strange for me to be getting personal but I don't care anymore because I really want to get this out, I have epilepsy, and it is affecting my life, a lot. I can't watch flashing lights, I can't drive and it's driving me crazy, I'm sick and tired of being tired of being treated dofferently, it's just not fair and now, I don't know what page I'm on with a certain someone who use to be a good friend, I still think their a good friend but I don't know what page I'm on with them at all... I feel like my life is breaking apart, and I really need someone to talk to, and well tomorrow I think I'll see the only person I can really talk to at the moment... nobody's online and well... you know, life is just hard and I wish that I was "normal" like I use to be...
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